Swampy streets, with road base / caliche roads

Wondering if anyone has experience with swampy streets like the photo here:

Would be great to hear any suggestions on how to get this fixed.

This is not uncommon during persistent rainfall. It dries up when it has a chance to. Most Parks do not have a perfect drainage [fall] system.

Here is a simple solution that I have used, and it works perfectly.
Install a catch basin and run some drain pipe over to a dry well. I suggest you fill the dry well with 2" rock.


You can make one yourself, too.


You can dig a pit and fill it with 2" minus rock.


Another option is to install a french drain.
From the picture, it looks like there is a surface/storm drain in the background. A French drain will clear the water when the ground is saturated.


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If it happens once or twice a year it seems pretty low priority. If it’s after every rain, it sure looks like some grading into that gulley in the back of the picture would be easy enough to accomplish.

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The good news is that it looks like you have a place to drain it to. I think SDGuys suggestion about installing French drain is a good solution. 4” perforated, corrugated pvc in a trench filled with rock will likely get rid of the standing water.

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We’ve had many properties where the best solution isn’t promptly possible, so we have looked at the grade and dug ditches filled with drain tile or gravel leading to the nearest drain… it works very well as long as the ditch is dug properly down as you go.


Drainage tip: For slow drainage areas, consider graded ditches with drain tile or gravel leading to a drain. Key: Proper slope ensures water flow

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