Suggestion for Organizing Forum

Hi Greg,

I love this forum and have been learning lots recently. Just an idea: would you consider dividing the forum into sub-topics such as Buying Parks, Park Management, Park Financing, MHU Events…? This will make topics easier to find. Thanks, Peter

If we were to vote, I would respectfully vote against such a suggestion. There really needs to be a strong argument that the number of posts for a certain, tangent topic to be considered for a separate forum in my opinion.

This forum gets a moderate volume which is easy enough to follow. I have seen other (non mobile home) sites with every niche covered but each one seems to get very few posts, very few original thoughts that sprout from one post to another as topics are combined.

These sites become harder to enjoy in my opinion. We all tend to naturally focus on the topic we are currently working in and may miss out on other posts that address topics we may have otherwise never considered. I also find that if our particular topic begins to receive only a post every now and then, we naturally stop coming back.

I do hope that in time this site reaches a point where the number of posts on specific topics reaches a level that additional forums are necessary, I just don’t believe it is there yet.

If tangent subtopics such as legal issues or finance were posted often enough, that would be a great start but again, not sure it is there yet.

Just my 2 cents.


sub cats dilute the forum IMHO. I’ve seen this on other blogs and forums.


I agree, keep it like it is. I lean alot about subjects I would never ever think of on my own. When I first bought my park I went back to the earlier posts and learned a ton.


This has nothing to do with you posting. I see you are from Berkeley. Can you contact me off the forum?



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