Subleasing horror story

My lease does not allow subleasing. But one of my tenants that owned two homes prior to my ownership was temporarily allowed to keep the second home as he was supposed to be bringing his extended family in. Well that didn’t happen, and it turned into a nightmare with multiple unsavory characters staying there. Finally tenant and I have a talk and I let him know that fun time is over, get these people out and sell one of your homes. He says he would love too, but they won’t leave and would I help him. I give the people names of local shelters and tell them to be out by Friday. None of them are on leases and are not paying anyone rent. Well, the squatters have clearly played this game before and called the police and then informed me that they have rights. I called police to discuss the problem - and they confirmed that I have to evict them even though they are not on a lease. It’s a civil matter and police will not do anything. I plan to go through the eviction process for everyone in the house and hopefully get them on a no tresspassing list - I don’t need them popping up in another house.