Sub Floor

Hi, I am trying to get an idea of the cost to replace all the subfloor in my single wide trailer. I live in Lakeland, Florida, does anyone want the job? Thanks. Lola

Lola, we have a couple of Mobile Homes that we have had to /or/ are in the process of replacing part of the subfloors.  Not only did we need some of the subfloors replaced, but we also needed new vinyl flooring installed.We found that a local flooring company will not only install the vinyl ‘wood looking’ flooring, but they also replace the subfloors (if needed).  This particular local flooring company works primarily with Landlords for homes, apartments and mobile homes.Perhaps you have a local flooring company that also provides this service?We wish you the very best!

if the subfloor is not too badly rotted or damaged, you may be able to overlay it with 1/4 in plywood or something similar. this could save time and money and would create a nice smooth surface for tile or vinyl or whatever.