Strong eviction Attorney -north central Ohio

We are looking for a strong eviction attorney in Ohio. We have a very rough resident who is month to month and are about to issue another material violation. We suspect he will be difficult based on his history inside our community and outside. I’m suspecting he will fight the eviction as a result of past counter claims and defending himself in court on assault charges. He was in the community when we purchased the community and we suspect the transfer of title changed in a fraudulent manner, but the police are not helpful.

Our next step is non-renewal or eviction based on material violations. Regardless, I want a string eviction attorney.

Any eviction attorney should be able to get the job done. If he is violating rules and you are citing him you should have no problem. I believe 2 rules violations in a 6 month period is enough to get an eviction. A non renewal of lease will be difficult if he owns the home. If you are a member of the OMHA, contact Elizabeth Birch and ask who she might recommend.

Evictions are not that difficult. You do not need a strong attorney for this. My suggestion is to look at the docket for the relevant court and find an attorney who practices evictions in that jurisdiction. Any attorney, who is willing to do evictions would be able to handle the case.

In Ohio, you will have a really difficult time with a non-renewal of lease if the tenant owns his own home. You will likely lose the case. You are better off going with an eviction due to violations, but you need to have good documentation.