Street lights

We have a 100 space park we just purchased where it has more than half of the street lights are not working. quotes from electricians have been over $20,000 to fix all the lights as a lot of them need to be replaced. These are the old fashioned dome lights on their own pole about 8ft high. our park has all underground utilities so we cant install any new lights on an existing utility pole. Wanted to see if anyone had any unique ideas on the best way to get lighting into a park that wont break the bank.

Does the city require more lighting than you already have? Does your insurance company? If not, I would just leave those lights burned out. Every time we have added street lights, all we hear is complaints from tenants who don’t like the additional light in their windows at night. I have not seen any correlation between park light levels and crime. I think you can use that $20,000 in many more profitable ways than annoying your tenant base. But see what the law requires first, as you have to do whatever the ordinance says.