Strange Lot Numbering System

I’ve got a park that was built with a very strange numbering system.

I’m accustomed to “Lot 1, Lot 2, Lot 3, …”

This park is broken up by street, and then the lot numbers are not in order, ie “North 5, North 9, North 11, River 28, River 30…”

Is it possible to just wipe the slate clean, renumber the lots, and start over? Apparently, it’s even confused emergency responders trying to get to people who have a medical emergency. I can’t imagine what pizza delivery there is like.

Obviously, I could re-number each one privately for my rent roll to make things easier on myself, but wondering if I can change the official lot numbers.

I’ve got the same kind of nutty thing going on in one of my parks - 6, 7, 8, 9, 10A, 11, 12 and later on down the rent roll, 23, 24, then 23A, 24A but no 25 and 26. Just no logic.

I want to clean it up but I think you need to talk to the post office and get them on board. I was planing on taking a park map into the PO and show them how it could be more logical which could make a difference if ever emergency services are needed.

I want to make nice home numbers for all the homes. I started with lot 1, which had its number made from electrical tape. I got a nice number from Home Depot for 5 or 6 bucks, as I remember, and mounted it on a plaque from Hobby Lobby. Kind of a fun project that classes up the joint a little.


Oh, that’s very classy looking. I envision the same type of thing. Re-number and then put up some numbers to unify and improve the look.

Here is the link to the number on HD’s website. It is kind of hard to find without the link. BTW, Walmart can also order them.


@Randy_CA, thank you for showing pictures of your numbers and the links!

Your numbers look fantastic!

I can only imagine that it is a huge step up from “…number made from electrical tape” :slight_smile:

Great Job!

The park I just purchased was numbered Row 6 Space 1-19, Row 7 Space 1-19 and so on. The emergency responders, mailman, and pizza delivery all appreciate the lot number change. I didn’t request to do it either, I just let everyone know that the lot numbers changed and I’m about to change the mailbox location. Sent a notice to residents letting them know what their new address will be and to change it with the post office.

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Thanks for the information Ramsey. That may be the route I’m going to take - make the decision, number it myself, and then inform everyone of the change so they can let the PO know.

Be sure to check with City/county emergency response system. it is very important that they have accurate maps for responding to emergency calls

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