Stove top 30 x 22

Hey all! I have a question. I have a tenant that has an electric stove top with a broken post that the knob goes on.
A) Is that fixable (the metal post the knob sits on)?
b) I need a 30 x 22 insert but I need EXACTY 30 x 22. All the stovetops are more like 29 x 19.
Does anyone have any suggestions in where to find one?
Thanks all!

Cooktops are the worst. They are usually some oddball size. I have yet to find an exact match for one that needed replacing.

If you are desperate, you can overlay the Countertop with plywood, cut out the hole for the new cooktop, and have the surface refinished with Epoxy. It’s not perfect, but it beats putting in all-new countertops.

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Thank you! I will check them out.

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