Steps for selling off stick-built home?

Hi- I’m looking at a park and part of the upside in the equation is a good 3 BR/2 Bath stick-built home at the front of the park… what exactly are the steps I would need to take to evaluate whether it’s probable the home could be separated and eventually sold? Thanks!

Sturner1, you will want to look at the Zoning to see if the MHP Zoning requires a minimum amount of street frontage.

The MHP might be grandfathered in. Thus, the MHP might not have this criteria.

However, you will want to be certain before you cut away part of your frontage.

We wish you the very best.

That’s helpful- thank you

The stick built structure has to be on its own parcel before you can sell it - I assume. It would be interesting to hear how other park owners handle the stick built structures in their parks

If the park is of sufficient size it might be a good candidate for remodeling into an office/property managers residence. If not, talk to the jurisdictional authority’s planning dept staff; ask about the process and cost of subdividing the house from the park.

Frank covers this in his home study course. One of his suggestions is to call the “we buy ugly homes” guys to see if they’re interested. His take on that was interesting.

He also points out that even if it’s not zoned for SFR the cities are usually more than happy to assist with this.

The park I’m buying has a SFR, but it’s zoned commercial. I plan on keeping this just for the zoning and the possibility of converting it to an insurance office or similar in the future.