Statistic request: total number of mobile home PADS across the US? Anyone remember?

I feel like I’ve seen this statistic somewhere in our reading, but I can’t for the life of me find it, and google isn’t helping.

Anyone remember the statistic for the total number of mobile home PADS/LOTS across the US? (I know that the industry as a whole doesn’t have the greatest documentation, and that there are perhaps many parks we do not even know about, so this number may not be wholly representative, I’m still interested in it though.)

Thanks guys!

Frank & Dave’s list of 44,000 or so parks is probably the best list in the entire industry. I used it as the starting point for my own database. What I can tell you is that there are certain areas where their database only has about 50-60% of the parks. Most of the time this is in areas where they don’t have a presence. Anyways, I would estimate there to be more than 70,000-80,000 parks that are 10 lots and above across the US. I may even be low in my own estimation. If I had to guess, there’s probably at least 4-6 million lots. Again, there’s really no good way to even take a stab at what the real number is.

Thank you @CharlesD for the thoughtful and informative answer! That is sort of the scope I was imagining. I was trying to roughly gauge what percentage of the industry is owned by the “Top 100 MHP Owners”.