State Electric Inspector Advice?

I recently purchased a mobile home park a few months ago and have started upgrading some of the electrical meters in the park. The electrician needed to shut a 4 gang meter off and pull permits and the inspector came out. When he came out he noticed some other items that we are planning on replacing at some point and referred the inspection to his regional supervisor. They are scheduled to come out next week to do a complete park inspection for safety. I was under the assumption that a majority of the electrical would be grandfathered in unless its an apparent safety hazard.

In addition, we have a few tiny homes in the park and the inspector stated that he never approved any electrical for the homes and it was likely that they would not get permitted or at best require the inside gutted to expose all of the electrical wire.

Has anyone gone through something similar that could offer some advice?

I am worried that I will have to fix everything very quickly instead over the next few years. I am also concerned that the inspector will be overly harsh during the inspection

I think it will work out.

I would try to work with them on the blatant issues like the tiny homes that have power but weren’t green tagged. Show compliance and a willingness to cooperate.

Contact an attorney to see if the previous owner may be liable for the issues with the tiny homes if it looks like they supplied power under false pretenses. When a new account is set up, it has to be inspected, especially in a town with rigid inspectors.

Write up a game plan for the other issues you were planning on doing over a few years so they can see your intentions. Give them a visual time line and make that your priority.

This is just one game plan

Keep us posted.


Thanks for the reply. Any way to deal with the tiny home issue?

Any idea what to expect during the inspection?

Hello the post is old but can you tell me the state. I’m a licensed electrician in multiple state and willing to help if possible.