Starting out

Hello everyone,

After reading a few posts, I see that some of you have a lot of experience and realize this is where I need to be.

I’d really like to own a mobile home park. But my problem is finding the capital to start. I have about 15k saved up but I also have a bad credit score which isn’t going to get fixed anytime soon. This same time next year, I should have about 26K or more. Definitely enough for a down payment on a small park but with a credit score around 530, I don’t know. I’m currently in the military and would like to start this while I’m still in or do you think that would be a bad idea?

My main question for you guys is: What should I do next? Keep saving? Try to fix my credit score?

I join the military exclusively for this purpose. I’ve just recently started learning about landlord laws and looking at properties online. It would be nice to see this dream realized.

Stay motivated!