Stale Listings

I wish you could revise your listing agreement so that parks that are not for sale are removed. Perhaps charge less, and have them pay to renew every 3-6 months. Without doing something like that, their is no incentive to remove the listing. And some brokers use your site as permanent advertising for themselves, and parks that they are even listing with you. I know of a park that has been listed for well over a year, and has not be available for a long time, due to the owner selling the park to the residents. Yet it still remains as a active listing. It is a waste of time to review listings which aren’t viable and really is starting to make the site less valuable to buyers using your site to look for active parks. Which ultimately means sellers won’t list here either knowing their park is getting lost in a sea of listings. Maybe I am wrong, and all these guys are in fact paying to keep their listing up, in which case I don’t blame you for putting them up, but I really doubt this is the case for most.