I remember there being a thread about this a while back but I can’t seem to find it using the search function.

How do you handle speeding in your park?

First, you have to figure out who it is that’s speeding – which lot are they in? Then call the police and see if they will talk to them. If not, send them a warning letter that they are breaking park rules and jeopardizing park safety. If they persist, non-renew their lease.

I would also call Kurt Kelley and see what they say to do – they are ultimately on the hook if there’s a problem if Mobile Insurance is your insurance agent.

We have a paved road with speed bumps but still have some speeders. We send a written notice indicating that any further speeding will result in a eviction notice.

Unfortunately where we are there is no teeth to the threat of eviction for speeding as we have a VERY pro tenant protection board. Landlords are rarely successful with evictions except for nonpayment and even that takes up to 6 months.

I know who the problem tenant is, and it’s not even herself, it’s her visitors that are speeding.

Would levying a fine for each infraction be an acceptable intermediary response before doing a non renewal of lease? The tenant is in a rent credit program house and is on a one year lease unfortunately.

I sent Kurt an email to see what he responds as well.