Specialty Title Company?

Wondering if I can use joe blow title company to close on a park? If there are specialty companies, any suggestions on how to find one besides google?


Usually people use a title company within the county the Park resides, but is some cases they just have a relationship with a bigger box Title Co like Stewart, who can basically do this work anywhere. At the end of the day you are looking for as few exclusions to Schedule B and C as possible, and a good Abstractor will be able to find all the little details for you to examine and challenge as needed.

I wonder if @frankrolfe has any recommendation like he does for other service providers?

What are Schedule B and C? Are these part of the due diligence package from Frank & Dave?

These are part of every title commitment - they are the items that the Title company will not insure if they become a problem regarding the property’s title. These are typically recorded with the county or city.

A few examples are recorded oil & gas interests, mechanic’s liens, deeds of trust, sometimes city violations against the property from years ago, etc. If you’re concerned about these go through them with your real estate attorney to get a plan of action - you can ask the Seller to resolve them but they don’t have to, so you can see if they are acceptable or if there is something else you can do to address it.

Hope this helps.