Speaking of due diligence

I heard a rumor that there are people you can hire to do the due diligence on a park for you. While this is something that I actually look forward to doing myself, maybe it is wise, for my first park deal, to hire someone who has experience to do it with me…


without having Steve Case or Karl Warner put an eyeball on it. Any cost for thorough DD is worth every penny spent every time.

There have been some hair-raising stories here on DD done wrong!


I appreciate everybody’s advice, I love this site. How do I write a Letter of Intent without looking like some type of moron?



If you send me an email to blakedonaldson@yahoo.com, I will reply with a copy of a good letter of intent that we have used before.


Blake Donaldson


Hey Blake, you kin to Corey?

Thank you very much, you guys are certainly the best resource of information. I have the LOI off to the park I want and am waiting to see what happens. Wish me luck…