Space Heaters - Do you allow them in your park?

A park in Pennsylvania, and two of tenants owned homes are using space heaters. One home has 4 ceramic space heaters and the other one has 3 infrared space heaters. They claim that they are much more efficient & cheaper than heating oil that they are having. What are your thoughts? Do you allow them in your park? Thanks in advance.

We do allow the new ceramic and infrared heaters, they are safer than the old wire element ones.

I do, but I’m in FL where our heating season is measured in hours.

If those are tenant-owned homes, then you should not be involved in their decision of how to heat their houses. If those are park-owned homes, then talk to your insurance agent. Space heaters and mobile home fires have a long history together, but the new heaters are much safer (but that’s assuming the tenant has common sense, such as not putting the drapes directly in front of them, etc.).

We ran into a tenant who froze their water lines because they were using a space heater. Their home’s water lines were run into the heating ducts to try to prevent freezing. Luckily the lines were pex and they turned their heat on and all was fine. Anyway for the most part, like others have said, not your problem. But some tenants may not know what they need to know to reduce the likelihood of frozen pipes.

It is a resident decision in resident owned homes. Unfortunately irresponsible people, and there are a lot of those, can result in vacant lots.
In freeze zone areas it is imperative that a forced air furnace be used to heat the home if water lines are run along the forced air heating ducts. This is how water lines are run in the majority of mobile homes. They require that the furnace be operated to prevent freezing. Even turning down the thermostat when home owners are away on vacation can/does result in frozen water lines. Again this is not a community owners responsibility unless it is in POHs.

I know electricity is way more expensive per BTU than propane and for sure natural gas, at least in the midwest. I don’t know about heating oil. Now it could be that electric is cheaper because they are not pumping as many BTUs into their home. But with that many heaters going I can’t see it actually being cheaper to use elctric. That is including the fact that gas furnaces are typically only 80 % efficient.

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