Southwest location vs. Midwest, what are the differences

I have found a park that I am interested in in the Southwest United States. Hot dry climate.

I currently own a park in central MN, I have owned this park for over 10 years and I feel I have a good handle on what a person should be looking for as well as what it takes to run a park in this area. Such as good skirting and heat tape to prevent water freezing issues, Extra road and yard maintenance due to winter snow, etc.

I am wondering what things I should be thinking of and looking for in this potentially new to me park that would be items I haven’t had to deal with here in the Midwest. The park I’m looking at has private water and sewer which would be new to me as well.

Also, is there anything different that needs to be done to a home that sits in such a hot dry climate?

I guess I’m just looking for any general knowledge regarding mobile homes and parks in the Southwest vs. Midwest. Thanks!