Southern US Moving Costs

I’m curious if others in SE are seeing exurban costs to mobile homes. In N. Florida the prices are stupid. I own a 26 unit park and in updating the park I spent 4 weeks finding one. Of the 5 movers in the area who would even call back. He gave me a price of $8700 EACH to move 54’
‘ and 64’ (1980’s ) single wides 500 feet - within my own park. So based on my other park experience - the cost (6 bids) to demo a single wide was $5500 -$8900.

I’m readying and hearing $2000 - $4000 to move and set up homes. The only bid I could get (after 2 months - 4 movers) for a double wide - 1999 - moved 13 miles was ……$21,800. Just stupid. Of course, we did nothing.

Seems insane….I’m going to end up setting up a MH moving company at these prices.

Any ideas or thoughts?

We are in Northern Mississippi, we just paid $5000 to move 16x80