Solar street lights

I have a park with only two street lights in it.

The only solar lighting I’ve heard of people using are the gammasonic lights, but those seem to be more decorative than effective at producing usable light.

If anyone has any updated experiences or recommendations on solar lighting I’d love to hear it.

We have a Park in CA and did the Utility Conversion Pilot program (switched from sub-meter to direct bill) and had to use these for the new street lights.

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That’s much brighter and cheaper than Gamma Sonic’s offerings, thanks!

I’m glad you considered Gama Sonic for your solar lighting needs. It sounds like you may have already found something that works for you. We want to give you some more information that may help the next time you find yourself comparing solar lights.

Gama Sonic offers a variety of upscale, high quality residential and commercial grade solar lighting options. Our goal is to provide a solar solution that replaces traditional gas and electrical features with an equivalent look, quality, duration, and brightness. We design our lights to be aesthetically pleasing, with styles that range from traditional to modern. We believe that the lights can be an beautifying addition to mobile home parks.

Our lights vary in brightness and you can combine them fit your needs. Less bright lights – like our 100 lumen Stainless Steel Bollard light (GS-214) or our 120 lumen Royal Bulb lamp (GS-98B) – are beautiful choices for adding ambiance and lighting pathways without garish, blinding effects. Our brighter lights, like our Centennial Post Light (model number GS-100) is 900 lumens (roughly 150W) and can provide great coverage and brightness over a wide area. For example, the Centennial covers a 40’ diameter spread of light on a 10’ pole. Many of our lamp post lights come in single, double, and triple mount options, providing you the perfect solution for brightness and appearance for your property.

And if you want utilitarian security lights, we’ve got that too. Our Security Light with Motion Sensor (GS-201) emits 1440 lumens of light when it detects motion.

One really cool thing about solar lights is that you can install them in almost any spot that has direct sunlight. Because you’re not restrained by wiring requirements, you can place your lights just about any space that you want illuminated. With traditional electric lights, you might have been stuck using one or two giant, garish flood lights that may not even reach all the areas you need. With solar lights, you can place as many lights as you want precisely where you need them – and you can choose the brightness and style that fits your property.

The next time you need a solar light, reach out to Matt Cohen (Director, Commercial Sales for Gama Sonic Solar Lighting, He can work with you directly to help you save money and choose the right solar lighting for your specific needs.

You can use solar spot or flood lights. They are commonly utilized in a roomy open spot as they could provide significant lighting impact. If you prefer a powerful source of illumination at dusk, this type of solar light can be set up in the wall of any fence.