Software for mobile home park management

Once you have purchased a park what software do you use. This specific park includes lots, mobile homes on lots and a house. Do you use quick books or some other software. Thanks

I am using QB with the Payroll where I pay and report myself. It says I pay and report myself, but in fact it is set up so I just enter the hours and then click pay and it sends it to QB, then I click on the Pay Liabilities tab and again the taxes are automatically taken out of my account and the forms are filed.

I made a rent roll in a spread sheet (I use OpenOffice, which is free reads Microsoft files and is great) which I really like. I make the rolls for the vacant lots black, the POHs yellow, and the one abandoned home red, so I can see everything very clearly. Each month gets its own spread sheet on a tab and each lot has a large cell for memos, which is handy.

Email me if you want a copy: Rent Roll at Round About San Francisco period com. No spaces of course and you can figure out the rest too.

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I use Rental Property Tracker ( There’s also an app called Landlordy which I may switch to if I decide I want to use my iphone or ipad, ut so far I juat prefer to use it on my desktop.

We use Rent Manager and for online payments.

I would convert 100% to Cozy but it does not have all the features we need so we still use Rent Manager.

Rent Manager for us.

what features is cozy missing is a good rent manager. If you work around the world (as a freelancer) I also recommend that you install employee monitoring software.

After looking for ages, I just found SimpleRent software. It’s online (or “in the cloud”) and is pretty easy to set up. Has features I don’t really need now, but should grow into it. I’m paying $25/month.

We use RentManager. It is hands down the best software for parks.

~Brandon Reynolds