Software for mobile home park management

Once you have purchased a park what software do you use. This specific park includes lots, mobile homes on lots and a house. Do you use quick books or some other software. Thanks

I am using QB with the Payroll where I pay and report myself. It says I pay and report myself, but in fact it is set up so I just enter the hours and then click pay and it sends it to QB, then I click on the Pay Liabilities tab and again the taxes are automatically taken out of my account and the forms are filed.

I made a rent roll in a spread sheet (I use OpenOffice, which is free reads Microsoft files and is great) which I really like. I make the rolls for the vacant lots black, the POHs yellow, and the one abandoned home red, so I can see everything very clearly. Each month gets its own spread sheet on a tab and each lot has a large cell for memos, which is handy.

Email me if you want a copy: Rent Roll at Round About San Francisco period com. No spaces of course and you can figure out the rest too.

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I use Rental Property Tracker ( There’s also an app called Landlordy which I may switch to if I decide I want to use my iphone or ipad, ut so far I juat prefer to use it on my desktop.

We use Rent Manager and for online payments.

I would convert 100% to Cozy but it does not have all the features we need so we still use Rent Manager.

Rent Manager for us.

what features is cozy missing is a good rent manager. If you work around the world (as a freelancer) I also recommend that you install employee monitoring software.

After looking for ages, I just found SimpleRent software. It’s online (or “in the cloud”) and is pretty easy to set up. Has features I don’t really need now, but should grow into it. I’m paying $25/month.

We use RentManager. It is hands down the best software for parks.

~Brandon Reynolds




Brandon-Is it easy on RM to input utility bills? We have 150 water bills to input each month, with 3 different pieces of data each, so 450 total (Meter read amount, amount due for water, plus a separate water infrastructure fee the local water company charges, that changes for each homesite each month).

I use Rent Manager for our meter readings every month. It is very easy. Once it’s set up the process of inputting the readings is simple and it posts the charges to the tenant account so they can see usage and total cost. I use Rent Manager to operate the park and Zego for payments … works very well for me.

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It is very simple! Especially when using smart meters with their integration.


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