Snow plowing

I’m curious what other park owners consider an acceptable level of service for snow plowing.

We got a fair amount of snow overnight and the manager didn’t call out a snow plow until around 9am, at which point some of the residents say they had missed work. One’s threatening to sue because she hurt herself trying to push her car after it got stuck in the snow.

Would you consider 9am unreasonable? Should I count that as a mark against my manager for not being on top of it sooner, or just write it off as the tenants expecting 5 star service in a cheap mobile home park?

we use a snow plow contract. So they state- after x number of inches they need to plow, then if another x number falls- they need to plow again- and so on… it is automatic. The contract states they get paid x for the first pass, and then y for each additional pass.

anyway- this removes the manager from the duty of calling etc… you never know when the manager will party all night, and not make calls first thing in the am…

I removed the names of the park and contractor…


This Snow Removal Contract Agreement (“Agreement”) is made as of December 16, 2011 (the “Effective Date”) between , (“Party 1”) with an address at, and, (“Party 2”) with an address.

This Agreement describes sale of snow plowing and removal Services to Mobile Home Park, LLC.

and therefore agree as follows:


(a)“Government Authority” means any governmental authority or court, tribunal, agency, department, commission, arbitrator, board, bureau, or instrumentality of the United States of America or any other country or territory, or domestic or foreign state, prefecture, province, commonwealth, city, county, municipality, territory, protectorate or possession.

(b)“Location” means the address(es) required to be plowed under this Agreement.

©"Services" means the services Party-1 provides to Party-2 as described in this Agreement.

  1. SNOW PLOWING. Party-1 shall comply with the following requirements:

(a)Locations. The following Locations must be snow plowed:

All streets that service the

(b)Order. There is only one Location to be plowed under this Agreement.

©Areas. The following Location areas shall be snow plowed: All streets that service the Juniata Mobile

Home Park, both paved and unpaved.

(d)Start Plowing Trigger. 4 inches in any 24 hour period, this does not include drifting.

(e)Completion. All snow plowing shall be completed per the guidelines listed in this contract.

(f)Plowing Days. Plowing days include all weekdays, Holidays and weekends.

3.CONDITIONS ON SNOW PLOWING. Snow plowing shall commence only after the Government Authority clears the roadways. Snow removal does not mean “bare pavement” and icy/slippery conditions may still exist after plowing.

4.SUPPLIES. Party-2 shall provide the following to Party-1 for use in snow plowing: Nothing shall be


(a)Term. The term of this Agreement (together with any renewals, the “Term”) begins on the Effective

Date and expires with written notice of either party.Either party can cancel this contract at will and

without cause.

(b)Termination for Breach. If either party breaches any provision contained in this Agreement, and the breach is not cured, the non-breaching party may then deliver a second notice to the breaching party immediately terminating this Agreement.

  1. GENERAL. Entire Agreement and Amendments. This Agreement and the attached insurance documentation (addendum “a”) are the entire agreement between the parties and supersedes all earlier and simultaneous agreements regarding the subject matter, including, without limitation, any invoices, business forms, purchase orders, proposals or quotations. This Agreement may be amended only in a written document, signed by both parties.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties execute this Agreement as of the Effective Date. Each person who signs this Agreement below represents that such person is fully authorized to sign this Agreement on behalf of the applicable party.



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9 a.m. sounds reasonable. Not ‘ideal,’ but ‘reasonable.’

But don’t ever let these people put their problems on you. They need to be responsible for getting themselves to work. When I used to live back east, the City of Boston regularly snowplowed my car in place for up to 3 days at a time. I walked to work, or took the bus. I did not sue the City.

When tenants start threatening to sue me, I start hanging up the phone.


Any chance you can give us a sense of the size of the park and associated cost of the contract?

40 space park. A bit more than 1200 linear feet, so call it 1/4 mile of road with homes on both sides. Call the roads about 40’ wide. We pay $135 removal. So- call it $1 per 10’

Thanks very much. Very helpful. Assume that’s just plow, not removal? Any sense of what removal goes for?

I have no idea on removal. In all of our communities that receive snow, we only plow.