Snow Plowing and Mowing Cost Estimates


Just closed on a park in Minnesota and we are obviously getting some snow this winter. What is the average snow plowing cost park owners are seeing in Northern parks? Same question for lawn mowing.

Park is 68 spaces, 44 occupied.

Much appreciated,

Good evening! I’m in Wisconsin and I’m paying $225 / plow for a 95 lot, 10 acre park with paved roads. That price does not include driveways, nor salt. Supposedly the town my park is in gets 44 inches of snow per year. Unfortunately I think we’ve seen almost 2 feet just in December alone - the plowing costs have been significant. Good thing lot rents are well north of $300.

I have a bid for 15k/yr for someone that’s very well regarded to be my “go to” for everything - lawn, plow, tree trimming, tree planting (may try to reduce mowing area), etc. May just hit the bid. 100 lot park in heavy snow Midwest state.