Smells in a mobile home

We recently ended up with a home that has had what seems like several animals living in it. The home smells badly of urine and we cannot seem to get it out. The home is a nice home in and out and we would love to keep it and sell it on terms but we need to get the smell out.

We have read in this forum in the past about someone having a way to remove smells successfully but cannot remember what it was. Can you please take the time to remind us of a way to remove it?

If this is a mobile, the carpet AND pad will need to be removed, put an electric fan on any wet floors and allow to dry. Take a 5 gal bucket of Kilz oil base and spread on floor using pole and roller. Might take two coats. replace pad and carpet and you should be good. I have had to mop the floors (plywood) with bleach water to dilute the urine to where it would dry.

there is a liquid PET X i believe sold at petsmart that works well on small areas.

Something i just learned is on concrete slabs after carpet and pad is removed is to rent a steam clear for carpeting and fill solution bucket up wit h6 parts wate 1 part bleach and spray floor and extract with wand…floor is dry in one hour and no paint is needed…smell is gone!!


Just to add a little to Greg’s post.

Years ago on my first major rehab, I did all the things that Greg describes. Kilzed the floors, new carpet, etc. My buyers were about to move in, the place looked great, but I still kept catching wiffs of urine. I finally realized that the dog had been peeing at the corners of the walls, and the urine had soaked up into the wall insulation. So we cut out the wall panels a couple feet up, replaced the insulation, and added new three foot tall cheap wood panelling with top trim, making a nice chair rail.

So now my guys always double check to see if the urine has walked up the wall insulation too.


we had luck putting oil based polyurethane on the bare sub-floor after carpet is pulled up. it seems to lock the smell in. the kilz idea is good, maybe i will try that next time.

good luck