Skirting Pricing

What are you guys paying for skirting installed?

I did some old post searching and someone was doing a metal skirting for around 600. ex on a 76 foot trailer all the prices I’m getting around here are for 900-1,100. I thought I read somewhere that the going rate for a single wide that size was 500. Would be glad to hear for what you are paying. Thanks for the input. Someone also mentioned a vinyl product where they reinforce the bottom back with a rebar to prevent weed eater damage. Any suggestions or advice on material/design are also appreciated.

$1,000 sounds too high – keep getting bids. Anyone can install vinyl siding – they do not have to be a “mobile home expert”. Keep calling and getting bids. The easiest weedeater solution is to put a row of asphalt shingles that are tucked on one end under the skirting and then a shingle length away from the home. That way, no weeds will grow within about a foot of the skirting, and the weedeater line will not hit the skirting. Another option would be to put a goat in every yard and let them eat the weeds – but I’d rather just install a row of shingles.

Standard vinyl skirting should be about $300 for the material and we pay our maintenance guys $1 per linear foot to install, so just under $200 for a 16 x80.


Thanks guys for the response. Back to the calling board. Frank, not sure if you watch shark tank but there was someone who pitched a goat grazing service that was direct competition of cutting the grass.

I didn’t see that episode, but I’m hoping nobody invested in that concept – in many of our parks, roaming goats would end up roasted and served at dinner. At least lawnmowers don’t make for good eating.