Skirting material only cost

How much does it cost to get new skirting  material only on mobile homes? ThanksSema

We typically pay $300-500 in materials for vinyl skirting purchased at our local mobile home store. Labor cost is $150-$200. Add another $75 to $150 if part of the home is above 3 feet from the ground, since you’ll want to add a back brace before installing the skirting. Optionally add another $75 if you decide to use shingles (3 packs roughly per home) to install underneath the skirting. We do this to keep from having to weed eat around the vinyl. Some people think it looks tacky, but as a practical matter, it works great to keep weeds from growing next to the home, and it’s not very noticeable once the grass next to it grows.

I think we pay about double that for corrugated steel skirting, which lasts a heck of a lot longer & looks nicer too (I think).Brandon@Sandell


How do you provide vents for airflow with corrugated steel?

PMarone, That’s a good question.  I believe we use tin snips to cut out a place for the vent, then install a (vinyl) vent from the MH supply store.  Brandon@Sandell