Skirting Height

I am looking to find out what the general consensus is on the average height of skirting being used.

Is there a consistent height that is used when setting a typical home in a park? One manufacturer explained that the height from the ground to the bottom of a home after they have set it is 30". So I am assuming that the height of the skirting would need to be in the 32" to 36" range.

We manufacture a metal mobile home skirting that was put out on the market over 30 years ago. We are trying to breathe new life into the product by coming out with new patterns and we are looking for a size that would be common across the US.

Any input is greatly appreciated.




There is no good average because it depends on what part of the country you are in. If the homes are on slabs then they are level and people like to go 3 blocks high 2 crossed on 2 on 2. That gives 24" plus up to the sill. However, a lot of homes are on gravel pads so the ground is never level and various lengths are needed. Plus it is cheaper to add a block than bring in gravel to build up. A little slope helps drainage too. In hilly areas homes are set on a slope. It is not unusual to have skirting a foot or two higher on one end of the home. So ideally you should come up with a pattern that works vertically so you can cut off whatever length is needed vertially and still match.

On a related subject, I think there is a market for an alternative to vinyl skirting. The stuff is always coming apart and looking shabby. Nor does it offer any insulation. But it is relatively cheap and variable length. There are some upscale skirting alternatves but they are too expensive for the majority of the home owners. PM me with contact info. I’d enjoy discussing some ideas.