Skirting, decking

Hi All,
We just bought a mobile home which we’re going to transport to our park now, which is about a 2 hr drive away. The home has nice skirting and decking/stairs. I’m wondering, are these two items something that is worth it to move with the home? I assume this is a common request for mobile home movers, but not sure what common practice / how this is usually done. We’ve only put in new homes prior to this, so this is something new for us.

Let me know what you guys recommend, much appreciated!

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The skirting never fits unless it was really high off the ground where it sat before. Then you still have to trim to fit the new location.

The stairs can be moved sure. With the price of lumber I’d definitely take a hard look.


Id would keep it all. If the pads are similar than you should be able to use the skirting. I take asphalt roof rolls and cut them in 4 pieces and put down before the skirting for weed block.


@MAS have you had success moving skirting to a new location?

@asmith4981…you did not say the type of skirting but if it is worth taking you can just put it inside the home for transport. A lot of times the transport companies will also move the stairs for a fee if you ask. To reuse the skirting you will need to communicate with your set-up company that the home needs to be set at a certain height or lower for you to be able to reuse the existing skirting. Otherwise, brand new basic vinyl skirting on a 16x80 will cost around $1,200 labor and materials installed - at least where I have had it done. Materials are around $700 so if you have an onsite maintenance, person they might be able to install it for less.

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Having quality steps, safe and in good condition is a must. Slip and fall liability on steps/decks you sold or you rent is a key loss driver for MHP owners. And if you have a preventable large loss, your insurance rates will increase dramatically. Also, steps are more expensive than ever. If you can move them and set them properly, I’d say do it.

The decks definitely you can move and perhaps need to be adjusted to the new home height. It’s worth now with this high lumber prices.

Skirting could be reused also. Top back, top front and ground rail trims, providing they are i good shape. Usually the rails are so torn apart youll have to put new ones.

As for the skirting panels, they are cut to fit the home height and lot grad and shape, so maybe you can’t reuse them.

We normally reuse the trims and install new panels. Then we clean with a water and bleach solution applied with an sprayer.

Sometimes we use asphalt shingles under the rails, protruding around 12” from the rail, to slow down weed growing near the skirting. And sometimes we install the rails on a treated 2x4 (instead of shingles).

We also usually install top front trims in the lower part, inserted in the ground rails, to protect panels from weed eaters.

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Thanks all - We are having someone move the stairs and skirting, seems worth it. We’ll see if the skirting fits and what parts of it we are able to reuse.
I appreciate the advice, all super helpful.