Skirting at MHC


Do you have a favorite skirting material and look you use? I have a rodent problem and a landscapers nicking up my skirting issue.

Thanks, William

White vinyl with pressure treated frame and it sits right on the concrete pad. Extra 6” all around of concrete so no need for landscapers to get anywhere near it.

We use metal, we have a local company that will cut to length, we measure for each panel and give them them sizes needed. We put down a treated 2X4 top with a custom metal J channel that is 2" on back 1" on front and then use the typical white vinyl top rail to cover the top works very well.

@JobeSS88 you are talking two very different issues. Rodents require aggressive pest control. Steel skirting on concrete slab (if you have concrete slabs), will help, but generally not eliminate the rodent problem.

Regarding the skirting issue, I assume if your skirting is getting chewed up by the landscapers that you have vinyl skirting. If you don’t want to switch to metal skirting there are manufacturers that make a metal skirt guard similar to this:

Best of luck!

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We install a skeleton frame around the perimeter of the home. You can install a concrete perimeter 4" wide by 6" tall and pressure-treated 2x4 on top of the concrete. If the area is dry, you can install the pressure-treated 2x4 onto the ground.
For the skeleton frame, we use 2 x 2 pine. Spacing is every 2 feet.

If the budget allows, we will install a cement board as a base on the front of the home and make a brick veneer.

For the remainder of the home. We use smart siding.

This is not one of my homes, but this is an excellent example of the look we are going for.


We use landscaping timbers under the bottom track of the skirting. This give weed wackers a place to hit.


I previously heard at MHU to lay used roofing shingles underneath extending out 4 inches. Haven’t tried it yet