Skip Tracing/List Building

I have a list for a few different states that I’m looking in but the data I’ve been having pulled for me isn’t very accurate. Is there any service you know of that will find the owner of the park and accurate contact info for them.

I love to cold call but would like to use my time as efficiently as possible!

You can use CoStar.
They have a research department to look up the True owner of any property you request.

The service is about $500/month. I use this service.

If you are good on the Internet, you can find them yourself. It takes me about 30-40 minutes per property to find the True owner’s name and home address.

Here are the steps I use.

  1. Identify the area you are interested in.
  2. Check if the State requires a license to operate an MHP in that State.
  3. If the State has a license requirement, you can usually get the list of all the MHPs in that State. If your Stats has no license requirement, go to step 10.
  4. Sort the list into parks you think fit you well. i.e., 30 spaces or 100 spaces.
  5. Rank the parks into which you are most likely prospects in groups of 10. Start with the first 10.
  6. Contact the County Recorders’ office in the County that you are interested in. The name, address, and property details are of public record, and you can ask for the information.
  7. If the True Owner is a person or a Trust. Verify the address is their home address. If the True Owner is an Entity (LLC, S-Corp, or Partnership), you must search the State Business Records for the Agent of Service for the Entity. Most LLC owners use their home address or a good address as the legal address for service.

In some counties, you can search by owner name. If you find a park owned by Mr. Adam Cosgrove, then you search the County for all the properties that Adam Cosgrove owns in that County. Many title records will state whether or not the property is owner-occupied. I usually find 1-2 “good” address matches per prospect.

When I do my marketing, I set a goal of One Good lead per day.

  1. Send a mailer to each “good” prospect. I like to send a full-color Letter on heavy Cardstock in a big envelope. It pretty much guarantees it will get open.

  2. Once you have the True Owner’s name and address, you can google search their information. Nowadays, it’s pretty hard to keep your phone number off the Internet. Give them a call to introduce yourself and build some rapport.

  3. If no list of MHPs is available for your State, you must produce one for yourself.
    Call a Title Company or a Realtor’s office and ask if they can search the Counties you are in based on property Zoned for MHPs. Use this list as a substitute for the State list. Go back to Step 4.

The best way to get a GREAT deal buying a park is to contact the owner directly and ask them if they would entertain an offer. Once you make contact keep in contact, send them a Christmas Card, a Happy Fourth of July Card, etc. Drip out something 2-3 times a year and call them once a year.

Remember, No only means “Not right now”.


Thank you for this, I will work on it!