Sittin' in Houston Int'l

almost home to Florida, it’s 5AM (Yawn).

Went to Steve and Jared’s Mhine meet and it was …amazing! Corey has the energy of several people and did a great presentation on Mobile Investing. Fred shared progress on his turn-around park. I hope to find a Park like that some day. Lauren,Steve, Ryan, John,et al Thank you!! I am still processsing info received.

I really liked the cautionary tone several speakers put into their presentation. Owning a Park is a wonderful thing, but there has to be a “plan” or at least a cushion if that Park needs infill or infrastructure upgrades. corey’s tale about “chernobyl” had my hair on end. DD is what purchase phase is all about.

To folks reading this post on the West coast, make it to the next MHINE. These Washington guys do a great job of presenting vast amounts of info. Love the people, hate the cold!LOL

Thanks Steve and Jared

Greg Meade