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Hi Everyone,I use for my rental comp. research ( apartments and SFHs ).  I feel like the results are inline with my market.  Has anyone use it before?  Would you test it in your local market and give some feedback please?  Thanks in advance.Shan

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We use rent-o-meter all the time for rent comps.  It is very accurate and even gives you listings to look at based on proximity to the park you are looking at.  We also mystery shop and look at current ads on Craig’s List in conjunction with rent-o-meter.

Good to hear, CharlesD.  Thanks for your feedback.Shan 

ShaneTX, I just went to Rent O Meter and the prices listed for our MHP were not correct. The one said ‘Current Listing’ at our MHP address and were $150 too low.One of the other Listings had Historical Rent Data at our MHP address that was $25 higher than our rent.Perhaps these are just a couple of the incorrect ones.We wish you the very best!

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I wouldn’t use rent-o-meter to comp parks as they are not accurate on those.  There are very few ads out there that advertise lot rent so they don’t usually have accurate data for that.  For rent comps on lot rent, we just stick to the mystery shopping.  We base our home rents on a combination of Class-C apartment rents and comparable park home rentals.  We also like to know what SFHs rent and sell for to make sure we are truly affordable in that market.  Rent-o-meter is good for comping SFH rents and class-c apartment rents.  It also shows you the rents based on proximity to your property.