Singlewide Vs Doublewide mix

I know this is a market-specific question but given the choice of ordering new homes would you guys get a mix of 14x66, 16x66, and then one or two double-wides? I’m in Maine and I’ve only sold 14x66 homes but I am curious if the larger homes are big sellers too. I’m trying to balance between affordable and highly marketable so I can move them quickly. Thanks

If your lots support double wides, putting in all double wides will increase the value of your community when compared to single wides. Lenders love them, institutional buyers love them. That said, if you’re going to lose money on every sale it probably doesn’t make sense to go that route.
I’d speak to a local realtor to get their gauge of the market and maybe order one and see how it goes! As long as you’re not too far off in the woods of Maine, you might be surprised at how much demand there is for a $100k home. In NH we’re selling single wides above that price point and seeing ridiculous demand.

That’s great to know! I’m in midcoast Maine just above Augusta so I expect similar demand here.

Good suggestion…I’ll ask my realtor!

I’m a big fan of using a realtor— adds a layer of professionalism and takes tasks off my plate… good luck, hope it’s all good news and you’re able to fill up the rest of your park with double wides!

I used a realtor for my last infill at my first park. It was a very good move. Like you said, it is more professional and it takes a huge work load off your shoulders. I’ll probably do that again on this park. Thanks for the help!

We have a park in ME.
We sold a single wide for $85k. It cost us about $60K installed.
We sold a double-wide for $170K, it cost us $95k installed.

Seems like an easy decision to me.

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That is incredible!

I need to fill 8 of the 16 vacancies ASAP so I ordered (4) 14x66s, (3) 16x66s, and (1) 28x56. Next year I won’t be in as much of a rush to fill the remaining 8 lots and based on demand I may go with several more doublewides!

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