Sidestepping a realtor?

Hi; after driving by several parks this weekend I’m seeing about 7 out of 10 homes listed with realtors. realtor commissions are higher on mobile home sales than regular home sales, so it would benefit me greatly to be able to sidestep the realtor commissions altogether. Could I simply post a letter on the person’s door asking them to consider a direct sale? Or is this not possible for the seller?

I would deal with the home owner directly.

I happen to think if an agent has it listed- or for that matter- if an agent or anyone brings me a deal- I pay a finders fee or commission. Just offer what is fair and your willing to pay- how the money is distributed is really of no concern.

Just food for thought- I will toss this out there- I am putting two park under contract right now- both will be very good deals. I will keep one for my own, but one I will flip. I will charge a finders fee. So if I did the work to find the deal, I put it under contract… and I found out someone was going to ‘sidestep’ me and go to the owner directly- I would probably not be very happy about it. If I knew you were the kind of person that would try to sidestep someone- I would probably not even respond to a request for information on the deal.

Just remember- what comes around goes around… if someone in the future sidesteps you- you might think about the people you have been sidestepping…

All you have is your word, your ethics and your morals. Keep them clean and you will sleep well at night…

Just a thought… opinions will vary…

Totally agree with Jim. Once you are known as someone who is willing and able to buy they will bring the deals to you. That’s a much better long term scenario.

As a Realtor in Las Vegas, NV; I know what the rules are for NV but they vary state to state so verify this with a local Realtor.

Here in NV when a person wants to list a home or park for sale we have 2 options, EA or ER. EA stands for Exculsive Agency meaning that the only time a commission is paid is when the agent finds the buyer, if the seller finds a buyer on thier own then they owe no commission to the Realtor. If the list is ER; Exclusive Right To Sell; then the Realtor is owed a commission regards of how or who finds the Buyer. A Realtor is paying to market the property and wants to ensure that if the property sells that they willget paid a commission to justify thier time and effort to market the property.

I always try to list properties as ER and the only time I will accept an EA listing is if the seller has names of people who have already contacted the seller and are working to get qualified for a loan to purchase.

If you try to “sidestep” the Realtor and the property is listed as ER; a commission will be required to be paid regardless of any work or marketting the Realtor has or has not done on the property. The listing contract will state when and how much commission is owed to the Realtor and the ONLY way to void the contract is to let the contract expire and INITIAL contact made to seller by buyer AFTER the contract expires. If you contact the seller while it is under contract, negoiate a purchase agreement and wait for the contract to expire before closing the sale the Realtor can still take you and the seller to court and get paid.

Typical commision is 3% for sellers agent and 3% for buyer’s agent. if you choose not to have a Realtor represent your interest then depending on the listng contract, the seller may only have to pay thier 3% in total commissions.