Shutting down Showers - How much info do I give the tenants if they ask?

I’m just shutting them down because I’m tired of the annoying shenanigans. Is it in my best interest to communicate the reasons with tenants?

It depends on the type of business operation you are running. Showers would have no place in a normal mobile home community as all homes have showers. They would not be a essential part of their rental agreement therefor could be closed without notice or explanation.
If however it is a reduction of the services provided as a part of their rental agreement you could be obligated to provide notice and possibly even offer a rent reduction to compensate for the reduction in services.
You need to provide more information as to how the showers relate to the community.

Hi Greg, some people were using the. Maybe 3-4 out of 30 people. I have a few RVs in the park. They are supposed to have RVs with showers/bathrooms but these 3-4 do not. The showers have mold and need to be torn down but I am betting telling them that could open me up for a lawsuit.

If you’re to the point that you feel they need to be shut down, then you probably need to go ahead and do it. Keeping them open, now that you know they are full of mold, also might open you up for a lawsuit. As Greg stated, no explanation no reason. You’re first priority is to protect yourself and your investment. If a renter is living there without a shower, then it’s their problem, not yours.

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Need to UPGRADE the type of RV’s and possible clientele in your park and close down your bath house–unless you also allow tents.

Assuming the RVs do not fall under any landlord tenant regulations in your state and the showers are only for the use of the RV tenants then you should have no issues shutting them down.
I would let your RV tenants know your plans and those without showers can simply pack up and leave.

RVs are covered under the mobile home landlord tenant act in my state unfortunately. That is the case even in pure RV parks despite most park owners not knowing it.

This park had a few campground type rental spots that eventually became full of permanent tenants prior to me purchasing the park. They rely on the facility to some extent in addition to it being a great spot to have parties, leave their used condoms, and shit on the floor instead of in the toilet.