Should leases be from the management company or the entity that owns the park?

Who will the tenant’s lease be with? The Management company or the LLC that owns the park?

The lease is by the LLC that owns the park. 

Hi JimI visited one of my parks today and followed your role. Walked around spoke to the residents, listened to their complaints for more than 5 minutes, had extra decorative stones and gave some to a resident working on her flooded garden, gave some skirting to a tenant for their home. Offered to buy a can of paint for a resident if he would paint his trailer with rotted wood showing,Offered a dishwasher - not being used to a tenant who recently paid off their home. )))***If I buy a home and it has a dishwasher I take it out immediately- due to bad experienceBut still the conversations were all the same, I hate my neighbor, no one told me I cant throw old carpet in the dumpster, one guy in rehab, asked someone to move their inoperable car with flat tire (home at entrance to park) and was promised would be done in a few months lalalala. Resident wanted to install a fence for their yard and placed the posts on wrong side (like an inside out shirt)I twisted my neck the other day so I could not shake it in amazement. I am always speechless on my drives home. The fun and crazy park visits.

Brian,I agree- park visits are fun, and sometimes a bit crazy!It sounds like it was a great walk-through…