Should I share info on recent evictions with FABCO? They requested it


I got a letter from FABCO requesting that I provide info about some recent evictions we did at our park. I typed in the letter at the end of this question with some things omitted. I googled and FABCO is a real company. In theory, me providing this info helps out other landlords out there, but I wonder if there is any downside or liability for me? ( Kinda sucks to think that telling the truth is not always in one’s best interest. ) Any chance this is any kind of scam?

Hoping a few of the big guns on this forum will weigh in with their thoughts. Thanks as always,

High Plains Drifter


We are writing to request additional identifying information on an eviction you recently filed through the local municipal court.

FABCO works with property owners to help keep the rental industry strong in the area of EVICTION identification. To achieve this goal it is imperative that eviction filings be identified by the following factors : name, address, date of birth, and last four digits of the social security number. It is to the landlord’s benefit that we have the proper identifying factors in order to accurately report all filed eviction cases. This enables property owners and/or managers to have the necessary information to make an informed decision prior to renting to a prospective tenant.

Please furnish the complete Social Security Numbers OR the last four digits and date of birth for the persons listed on the following page. You can do this several ways:

Mail the sheet back
Call our eviction hotline at xxxxxxx
Fax the sheets to xxxx

Please include your name, address, and phone number when you respond. Thank you!!

(blah blah blah)

On the back side they have a list of seven people we’ve evicted in the last year or so…

I will wear my tenant screening company hat here:
This is a little odd. If you actually evicted someone in court, the data should propagate automatically. What I think is happening is they want to build a better database, so they’re trying to get more identifying information about the tenant then what’s in the record (SSN/DOB)… But most eviction records contain address evicted from, which usually matches up to a tenant’s previous address. So I am not sure what they are really trying to achieve here.

But beyond that, would you respond to a letter from a random company with a tenant’s personally identifying information? Do you really want to be on the hook for identity theft?

Also, legally speaking, this may make you a furnisher of information under the FCRA. You DO NOT want to go there if you don’t have to. It creates all sort of legal obligations you need like a hole in the head.

I did some research on the company and they seem to be legitimate. I would provide the information in a heart beat. Anything a landlord can do to protect other landlords should defiantly be done.

I agree that in theory it’s nice to provide the information, except then it gives you real legal responsibilities under the law. Google “FCRA furnisher requirements”

It’s one thing to be a reference on a per tenant basis, that doesn’t really matter, it’s a whole nother pot of worms to furnish the information.

If you do provide info - You’re Joe Friday - Just the facts, no embellishments at all.

Correct Coach. Just the facts but defiantly provide the facts to protect future landlords. There is no liability risk in telling the truth.