Should I buy a park with a sewer lagoon?

What are the risks with a lagoon? Anyone ever had one? Any war stories are appreciated! Thanks!

Three questions you have to ask yourself

What is your risk tolerance level?

How much capital do you have. Lagoons are not for the under capitalized. You could be required to build a new lagoon or 3 if yours fails… Lagoons and package plants failure are low probability but very high cost.

What knowledge do you have regarding lagoons and wastewater systems? Knowing a good lagoon verses a diaster can make or break you

Consult with a service that inspects and maintains private sewerage systems for an evaluation of the lagoon. They will be able to provide you with insight as to if it has been properly maintained and whether or not they see any looming issues. Also, your state should have a regulatory board that oversees these systems. I’m sure the current owners are required have the effluent tested from time to time to insure it meets current regulations.