Should I buy a home in a nearby park?

I found a mobile home for sale by the owner of the home in Craigslist.

The home is in a park that is very near my park.

Will I anger the owner of the park if I buy the home and move it out of his/her park?

Could this start a “turf war”?

If it is a well managed park I’d be concerned. You could always call them and see if they have a problem with you buying it.

@Louvie, the park appears to be very well managed, and it is much larger than mine. I would not want a turf war with them. I think I should call them, thanks.

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Great idea… they may have someone waiting to move in too. You never know…

I would never do it.
Put yourself in his position, are you OK with him pulling a home out of your park, would you care about the lost rent or necessity to bring in another.
If it was me you and I would be exchanging homes on a ongoing bases till one of us sells out and hopefully if I have more vacant lots I would try to empty your park. But that’s just me.

I spoke to the owner and told him about the Craiglist ad. He thanked me.

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Nice job. I’m sure if something comes up that he doesn’t want, he may share with you to see if it fits.

@Louvie, @Propboy40, @Greg, thanks for your advice.