Should I allow Fiber Optics to be installed in my park?

I own a park in a small town in a rural area. All the internet providers are bad except for one–Emery Telecom. This provider is upgrading from copper to fiberoptics and is asking to install the fiberoptics in my park. Many tenants want it since they work from home and the other internet providers are terrible. Should I let them install fiberoptics in my park or is it going to be a nightmare dealing with underground fiberoptics when I go to fix a water or sewer line? Any ideas?

I would absolutely let them install it, but not for nothing. They must provide a detailed map of any underground installs. Who will repair any damage to the park resulting from the install and/or repair? Will they pay you a monthly fee for use of your land? End of the day, this is a good things for your residents, but that doesn’t mean you don’t try to get something out of it yourself

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Thank you. I have an appointment with them and I’ll see what I can do.

@MarkHopkins , as per your question:

  • “Should I allow Fiber Optics to be installed in my park?”

My Husband and I own 2 MHPs.

One of the MHPs has a Cell Tower (which required a Fiber Optic Cable).

Recently, we have done a lot of drainage and road work (near Fiber Optic Cable).

Prior to all work we made a lot of 811 requests (very important to do when digging on your property). Thankfully, our state has an online 811 service because multiple requests were needed as they only allowed us to enter a couple of Lots in 1 request.

While doing the work, one of our friends (who is a Civil Engineer) told us:

  • 'If we cut the Fiber Optic Cable, it would be a $15,000 repair" - (IF you did NOT place an 811).

My Husband (who was at the Park during our weeks and weeks of digging for drainage and road work) said:

  • IF the Park Owner decides to give permission to install Fiber Optic Cable, make sure:
  1. Fiber Optic Cable is far, far away from your:
    a. Water Lines
    b. Electrical Lines (if buried)
    c. Gas Lines (if MHP has)
    d. Sewer System (whether it be Sewer Lines or Septic Tanks & Drain Lines)
  2. Make sure that they bury the Fiber Optics Cable deep underground
  3. Have Internet Provider give you a “Plat” of your Property with Fiber Optics Locations noted
  4. Have Internet Provider place “Physical Landmarks” on your Property over the Fiber Optics Location for Future Reference
  5. Have Internet Provider compensate you for the Additional Business they will receive and the additional Headache you will receive (in terms of making sure you do not cut their Fiber Optic Line)

We wish you the very best!

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Thank you for your advice. I just met with the the fiberoptic company and they are proposing overhead fiberoptic lines much like overhead power lines. My park has no overhead power lines and I think it looks good to have everything buried. One advantage of overhead lines is that you can see them and are less likely to hit them when fixing water or sewer leaks. A disadvantage is that they’ll be ugly and it will be hard to cut the trees without damaging them (we have a lot of trees). Also, they are proposing to cross the streets with overhead lines 6 times.

Should I insist on having them bury them or is overhead ok? I really don’t like the idea of what it will look like as well as the liability with my cutting trees. On the other hand, it will be nice to not have to worry about hitting it when I dig.

@MarkHopkins , as per your post:

  • “…fiber optic company…are proposing overhead fiber optic lines much like overhead power lines.”
  • “My park has no overhead power lines and I think it looks good to have everything buried.”
  • “Should I insist on having them bury them or is overhead ok?”
  • “…they are proposing to cross the streets with overhead lines 6 times.”

There are pros and cons to either overhead or burying the fiber optic lines.

Either way you will need to be extra cautious when working near the fiber optic lines.

Our MHP has overhead electrical lines and lots of trees.

Thus, we have to be careful both trimming trees (to avoid electrical lines) and when digging (to avoid fiber optic lines, water, sewer).

One advantage to all our trees is that they tend to hide the visual appearance of the overhead electrical lines.

My concern would be that they want to cross your streets 6 times.

Do you have large trucks that come through your MHP? How is garbage and trash debris picked up? Does the City come with heavy equipment with booms to pick up debris? Also will the crossing of the streets interfere with Mobile Homes being moved to your MHP?

Whether your optic lines are overhead or buried there is still the potential of having them cut.

We wish you the very best!

Thanks for your advice.

Hi Mark,
I have not had experience with regards to MHP connecting, but two of my single family rentals just when through this process. Typically the fiber lines that attach to an individual home are quite small, like the thickness of a tennis racket string, or a fly-fish rod string. Also, they are not typically expensive, otherwise costs would mount as they get damages all the time with trees and wind etc. Those smaller lines that connect to each home branch off to the thick lines that they run up and down the streets connecting neighborhoods, those are the really expensive variety. Maybe the company can show you an example of how the lines look in a nearby neighborhood, it might not be as much of an eyesore as typical powerlines etc. Good luck!

Thanks. I just contacted them with that question. This will be helpful.