Short lot - storage units or?

I demo”d a very old home and have a resulting large l shaped lot. After I put in a 14x70 the town will let me add another unit but my length is less than 60 ft. Width is not a problem.

I don’t see many options. Has anyone had any success using a short lot? I don’t see any used trailers that will fit. Am I better off with some storage units ?

You would be better off ordering a new home that would fit the lot than to install storage units. There are plenty of designs of shorter units that would easily fit a 60’ depending on allowable width.

If the vacant space was at the outer limit of the community (not among other homes) you might consider storage units or a garage for your own use but I would not place either inside the residential portion of your community.

In my town 30k would be on the super high end so I think I’ll have to wait and watch for a smaller used trailer. I think new is 45k +

Down side is you may have a very long wait for a small used one. May be better to buy new and then rent it for a few years . Dependent on getting a good tenant repairs would be very low on a new home for several years, rent would reduce your initial investment and ultimately you could still sell at top dollar. The bonus is a new home would also upgrade your community.
I have found that bringing in new homes encourages existing tenants to do external upgrades on their own homes.
Worth considering new.

If you do find a used one check your city regulations as they have a floor on the manufactured year in many cases.

Then if you want to put some sweat into it you can get a state registration mobile home inventory and filter by size and try skip tracing the owners…which in many cases is different than who is occupying the home. An alternative approach but it works, painfully. Good luck.

Here are a few ideas ~

It can take a little extra looking and effort, but you can find 40-60ft long homes in most area’s with some effort. Look everywhere possible with consistency and you should eventually find one.

I have several lots that needed homes as small as 50ft, and I have filled them over the years via persistent looking for used homes. There are 1990’s homes that are 14x50 out there.

Here is at 50~ft long home i put on a small lot several years back. It’s 1990’s

Shortest I have found so far has been 56. That 50 footer would be perfect.

The shortest home I have ever installed was a 20 x 36. It was a rare find. Most MHs in CA are 40’ minimum length. Keep your eyes out and call all the local transporters and let them know what you are looking for.

Many park owners will not want that small of a home.

I have found a mid 80’s 12x40.
I know 12 wide is typically not desired -has anyone had success with this size?