Sheriff's Sale - what does " STAYED " mean

I have a question regarding Sheriff’s sales, and would appreciate any feedback on this topic.

A property that I am interested in purchasing was going to Sheriff sale in two weeks. The Sheriff sale

notice was publicized in the local newspaper. The Bank has been allowing the property owner the chance to sell

the property himself. However, the township just informed me

that the property was STAYED, and taken off the sheriff sale list. The broker that brought the property to my

attention told me that " STAYED " means that the owner has found a buyer for the property,

and property is no longer for sale to anyone else. Broker says that if the property was listed as " Cancelled "

the situation would be different. Is there a clear distinction or difference between a property being " Stayed " or

a property being " Cancelled " and taken off the Sheriff sale. ? Does this mean that the property is

already sold ? Thank you – .