Sfr rental or mhp for a newbie

Hello, I am new to the mobile home community… A little bit about myself… have two homes one is a rental… and have three lonnie mobile homes… had more but the park owner scr*wed me out of them! Realized lonnie deals are definitley NOT the way to go and would rather get the land, however still have a bad taste of mobile homes because lost around $10k… but still I think of it as a learning experience :-/

Anyways… I am debating between getting a mobile home park out of state or buying a sfr close by.

I have about $20-25k of cash on hand… with that amount of money I could put 20% down on 2 sfr and get about $550 net cash flow from both rentals, totaling $1100 a month from $25k used as down payment.

With $25k is it worth it to get a mobile home park out of state… and what would I be able to even get?