Sex Offenders

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Looks like the son of one of my long-time (good paying) residents has been arrested and convicted as a sex offender. I want the son out of my park. I guess I could just not renew the father’s lease and get rid of them both. But I wonder if/what my legal options are to just get rid of the son (who is not on the lease). Is this legal? BTW, I also ‘discriminate’ against felons - we don’t let them into the park and have no others already in the park that I am aware of.

Is this ‘smart’ to tell people up front that we do not allow felons or sex offenders? Is it then legal to discriminate this way and evict felons and sex offenders? If so, what is your advice on evicting the son, who is not on the lease? Hate to have to evict the father just to get rid of the son…

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I do a credit/criminal background check on all applicants and I tell applicants that fact. I also use this as a reason to move to my mhp. You need to move decisively to remove this guy from your park, I’m sure that your residents have heard about him…your mhp will have a bad reputation and be much tougher to fill/ keep full. The bigger issue though, is that you have it in your power to difuse a tragedy before it occurs - MAKE IT HAPPEN!