Sewer Treatment Plants


My only mobile home park that has a sewer treatment plant is in Dallas, Texas. It has been a bit of a challenge as the previous owner made the city a little more than upset with their non-compliance to city requests. Upon building a new sewer treatment plant last year the city petitioned the state to have the sewer treatment plant monitored daily by an outside firm. This can get costly however we are petitioning to the state next year to reduce this monitoring by the outside company to once a week. We have been compliant with the city since buying the property and showing them that we view the city as a “partner” that we want to work with.

Normally I do not think people have many issues outside of taking the routine monitoring tests (can be once a week).

We have continued to get the costs down in spite of the 7 days a week monitoring.

Two questions I would ask:

What is the state/city requiring for monitoring of the plant? Does this have to be an outside firm?

I would also ask for all monitoring reports and violation citations. I would also check with the city and state for monitoring standards and violations cited.

City sewer is the best but I would not let it get in the way of getting a great deal. The sewer plant has not been more than an ninconvenience so far. Once the state can reduce the costly outside monitoring it should be very smooth.

I hope this helps!