Sewer Problems

I am wondering what other park owners’ protocol is in regards to having sewer lines cleaned.

Currently, the resident calls the manager, and the manager calls the rooter service. The rooter service marks on the bill what the cause is and gives the bill to us. The rooter service wants us to be responsible for giving the bill to the resident if it is a resident issue but for us to be responsible for the bill if the resident doesn’t pay them.

However, they say that other parks do it differently. They have the resident call the rooter service directly when they have a problem. If we do it this way, they will bill resident directly, or if it turns out to be a park problem bill us.

I am considering adopting this to our rules with the understanding that our rooter service call our manager at the time of cleaning, so he is aware of what is happening. I am considering changing the rules so that it spells out that the resident is to call our designated rooter service directly, and then call the manager to inform them.

Any thoughts?