Sewer Odor and Insects from Dry P-trap

I have a seasonal mobile home that sits empty during the summer. When I return to the home there is always a sewer odor and insects inside. I think they are getting in through the plumbing due to a dry p-trap. Does anyone know of a product I can use to prevent this?

Try a Backwater valve. Not exactly the solution for what you want but it should work.

The flap should close if water is not flowing so nothing can go back up the pipe.

Thanks for sharing. I did some digging and found the P Trap Pal. Does anyone have any experience with this? I just bought one and will test it out and report back.

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I ordered the P Trap Pal on Amazon and installed it over the weekend. It is a simple little device that was super easy to install. It took less than a minute and I didn’t need any tools. It seems like it will work to prevent sewer odor and insects. I will report back after a few weeks of use.

I have had the P Trap Pal installed for almost a month and it is doing a great job. I installed it in an unused bathroom where I previously had bad sewer gas and insect issues. I have not had any issues since it was installed. I thought this board would like to know that this is an effective tool for dry p-traps.