Sewer Line...Main Line...Private Portion...Going To Public Sewer...Grease Clog...Thanks!


  • “Has anyone experienced a grease clog in the Private Sewer portion main line going to the Public Sewer?”
  • “If yes, how did you resolve the issue?”
  • “If yes, has the grease clog reoccurred?”

Hey @Kristin - I have some cousins that love to fry food and they had this problem at their house all the time. They would run a snake in the sewer line outside their home at least twice a year to temporarily fix the problem but it kept recurring.

Finally they had a plumber come out and “hydro jet” their sewer line. While the disposal of grease down the drain was the main problem, they had a belly in the sewer line which made the issue worse and recurrences more frequent.

They have been okay for a couple years now, but expect because of the belly and their unchanged habits it will be back in a few more years…

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@jhutson , thank you so very much for comment.

Yesterday was a busy day at the Mobile Home Park.

We had a clog in our Sewer System.

The City Sewer District came out and found that the clog was just barely on our side of the Sewer System in a 1.5 acre green space.

Thus, yesterday we contacted our Contractor, Mr. Rooter Plumbing, who resolved this issue by “hydro jetting” the line (the same resolution that @jhutson documented) .

As per our Contractor it appeared that someone intentionally poured grease down the sewer manhole cover located in our 1.5 acre green space.

Currently, we have a Tenant that is being evicted.

Coincidentally, our Tenant that is currently being evicted and two of the occupants of that home work at two different restaurants.

Coincidentally, the Tenant that is currently being evicted was the same Tenant that:

  • Yesterday Evicted Tenant found the sewer clog in the middle of a 1.5 acre green space
  • Yesterday Evicted Tenant contacted the City Sewer District
  • Yesterday Evicted Tenant contacted DHEC (Department Of Health & Environmental Control)

If the clog was not intentionally created and was just built up over time, the City Sewer District has kindly offered to:

  • Provide information kits for our Tenants concerning the Sewer System
    (as to what can and cannot go down the sewer; info about what creates fats, oils, and grease and how to dispose of it; info about our new cooking oil recycling program, along with can lids and grease scrapers to help each household begin good sewer habits)

Ah, the joys and trials of owning a Mobile Home Park :wink: .


Never a dull moment!

Indeed the joys
Yesterday I had septic issues as well. Not as major as yours.
Got a call of septic smell, this usually means a failed lift pump. Arrived to find lift tank overflowing, had to transfer about 1.5 foot of effluent at top of tank to access pump connection point. Pumped to 45 gal drum on trailer. Transport and dumped in other lift tank. 6 trips.
Disconnect line, replace pump with back up pump, all is good – hopefully.
Will find out tomorrow when I go back to install new pump.
Two trips to park $40 gas
5 hrs of my time ?
New pump $189 (on sale half price …bonus)

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@Brandon , thank you for your comment!

@Greg , thank you for sharing! We are very sorry to hear about your Septic Issues yesterday. Hopefully, today the new pump will make everything run smoothly.


  • Yesterday afternoon the Evicted Tenant’s Mobile Home rolled out of our Mobile Home Park.

Little more info about Evicted Tenant:

  • Evicted Tenant was evicted for lack of payment
  • Evicted Tenant rarely paid their rent on time
  • Evicted Tenant rarely paid the correct amount of rent and late fees (even though we send out Invoices that state if you Postmark your rent envelope these certain days then this is the amount that is due)
  • Evicted Tenant was the “One & Only Tenant” who did not comply with our “Dog Rules” of Under 30 Pounds @ Full Maturity (although that was not why they were eventually evicted)

Some Tenants understand & obey the rules…Some Tenants either do not understand or select not to obey the rules. That is when the Latter Tenants need to find a new home.

Hopefully you will get a new tenant soon. One of your choosing.
My septic problem was/is barley a minor blip.
My community runs very smoothly so stuff like this is just a matter
of replacing the occasional piece of equipment.
I find blocked lines, as you had, to be more troublesome when they
happen. Diagnosing the problem is the challenge.

Glad your tenant is gone and you can move forward although lost income
is a pain.
I have a tenant whose home I will likely need to buy this summer so I will be down one
lot as well. I need to buy, reno and flip probably take a couple of months but I
will make a profit if all goes well.

The evicted tenant will pay dividends in the end with the other residents. I’m sure most people who live in your park knew this tenant wasn’t a quality neighbor. By removing them, you did your duty as a landlord to make it a quality place to live for them and they all now know that those who don’t play by the rules wind up getting the boot.