Sewer Cameras and Sludge

I think our sewer lines are full of sludge and need to be jetted out.  We also need to get a camera down there to look for any leaks.  Does anyone have experience and pricing for having sewer lines jetted out and/or sewer-camed?Thanks,-jl-

Hi Jefferson, It seems that most companies charge an initial fee to come to the property and then charge by the hour, and the price varies by geography.  Also, operators have a max distance that the camera will run.  I would recommend getting bids and ask the roto-rooter and some of the American Leak Detection people do camera work or can refer you to people who do.

If your sewer system is clay tile, jetting the line may cause more problems than it’s worth. We do not jet our lines. The typical jetting ends up with greater pipe separations and even collapses. For PVC and cast iron, no problem. For clay tile and thin-walled PVC, it can be a catastrophe. 

@Jefferson it is old post but I have the same question. I need to order camera service for my park so I would like to learn how much does it cost in general. Also, I would like to know if there anything I should be aware before ordering this service. The park has 41 spaces. Thank you

I just did camera work on about 3000ft at $1.25 per foot plus mobilization fees. They quoted me by the hour I negotiated a by the foot price. Always better to get a flat rate verses hourly :grinning:. They did cleaning and root cutting at $195 hr. These are west coast prices. However the more pipe you have the better the price generally. I got quotes from 4 people but it was like pulling teeth to get a written quote.

Hope that helps


@PhillipMerrill yes it does help. Everybody gives me their quotes by sewer line.
41 mobile homes = 41 sewer line plus main x anywhere from 200 to 600 per line.

Do you recommend me to get the approximate length of all line and ask them to quote per foot?

Obviously the $400 to $600 per service latteral is based on something i.e the length from clean out to main, or how long it takes for each latteral. The deal is what is $600 and what is $400? How much for the mainline? I really doubt laterals are over 100ft from the main. It should not take more than 30 to 40 min per latteral you do the math. Its not a long process unscrew the clean out plug near the mobile put camera in, reset footage counter, hit record, start pushing camera down the line. Even at 1hour per latteral price is crazy high in my opinion. Mainline should be about the same time wise. 100 to 200 ft an hour. Most people dont camera every latteral but do camera most if not all of the main.

WOW. the description you provided is priceless. Thank you very much. I am not more confident to talk with plumbers :slight_smile: thank you

@frankrolfe if you don’t jet the lines how do you get them unclogged?

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