Sewage Treatment Plant Inflow and Infiltration

We are battling a problem with treatment plant overflow when there is heavy snow melt and rain. Does anyone have methods or recommended companies that can diagnose the problem areas? We have a manhole at the end of each street so there is decent access but I don’t have a good way to measure the flow in each line. I tried a V notch weir but they are only good for instant measurement and the scale on the weir is not very granular (making it very hard to read). I don’t want to start replacing sewer line before we know where the breaches in the system are actually located. We tried to video the lines but that is most effective when the heavy rain is taking place and it is very difficult to get out there with the camera equipment during the actual rainstorm (usually at night). I’m looking for a device that can actually record the flow data over time (but we have 9 lines feeding into the main so ideally you would need to measure all 9 simultaneously during the same rain storm).Any ideas?


Hey Bret!

So I think your looking for a Doppler (ultrasonic) Flow Meter. These can be rented and can clam onto the outside of your pipe.

Anyway- that is the portable flow meter tool…

You might also look into contacting the local- water board. Our certified operator did this to help identify a leak we had in our system. They have all sorts of tools and tricks to find inflow and outflow issues.

Good luck with this- I have beat my head against the wall a few times over my sewer plant!